Empowering people to think

The Centre for Science and Citizenship Trust (CSC) works with people around the country to consider the ethical implications of scientific & technological applications on the lives of individuals and communities. Our aim is to provide opportunities for people to think deeply about these implications and empower them to have a voice in shaping a future in which all can flourish.

Student Workshops

Immerses students in a full day of grappling with challenging social issues.

“I would definitely recommend the CSC student workshop.  It has been a day where you are given the opportunity to discuss and critically analyse the ‘social norms’ around us that shape who we are as people.” Caitlin Berry-Kilgour, student, age 16, Nelson

“Thank you for a stimulating and engaging seminar.  I especially like the way you TRULY engaged the students and actively listened to their opinions. I look forward to keeping in contact.”  Kate Wilde, teacher, Wellington Girl’s College.

“A huge Thank You to the team on another superb student workshop.  The level of engagement and co-operation between the students is a tribute to your master planning and delivery." Jean and Fariba, teachers, Auckland Girl’s Grammar School.

Re-humanising Education Conference

Re-humanising Education is a conference to discuss the return of creativity, wonder, and thoughtful engagement to education. Presentations and workshops will challenge outcomes-driven education practices and offer alternative ways of nurturing our young people to become confident imaginative, resilient and actively involved citizens. You'll leave the conference with renewed enthusiasm, inspiration and passion for teaching and learning.

Wellington Monday July 23rd 2018
Auckland Wednesday July 25th 2018

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